Find more details about Visa for Singapore and Canada

Although, there is only a little employment problem everywhere in the world, the president wants to remove this problem in the future years. Therefore, from now onwards, the employers should have to hire only documented and highly skilled workers from the other countries. Once they join their duty, they have to take an additional role of teaching, training, conducting the workshop to the local citizens to learn what they work. This kind of action, in the piecemeal ends to the employment in the future years, the present rules for Visa for Singapore only establishing the local employment in the future year, however the bill was passed by all the members of the parliament of Singapore.

The development in the industries and projects possible now

After rules for Visa for Singapore, the government would be able to receive substantial revenue from the undocumented workers because their population is eleven million. The collected tax would be used in developing other various industries, investing money on the infrastructure and new projects. While sponsoring a worker from the different country the government fee is collected from the employee normally, the employer pays from his pocket and for the hired employees.

Already the government to control the spam visitors to the country increases the immigration fee; by this way, no one can just pass the country without any proper requirement to visit the Singapore. The Canada visa application permits the government to end the spam and undocumented workers in the country.

The investment to the border security to control the crime

The present day, there is here and there crime is taking place. Once the border security is strengthened, the security would be strong in the country; the crime rate would be reduced to very low level after spending sufficient money on the border security. If the border security is spent money with buying the new arms and ammunitions, the neighboring countries are indirectly threatened and their traffic in the border would be very much reduced. The government is expecting very low crime in the country due to the investment in the border security.

In every country there is immigration bill is passed and the members vote for the bill. At the last, there will not be any changes and the bill would be as usual. In all the countries only there will be about tourism visitors and their rules and regulations. The Canada visa application unlike the other countries it is different.


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