Know Some Important Aspects of US visa application

An immigration bill is basically to bring about immigration reforms and to address other important issues of a republic. The country where this bill has reached the heights of debate in the recent time is the US. The immigration bill in the House, better known as visa application for us is the premature form of what would come out to be “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”. The bill is quite recent a phenomenon, coming into the picture in April 2013, for the first time. It was introduced by the House of Democrats.

Steps Taken To Develop America Economy

By virtue of the house immigration bill and its provisions, all the immigrants (which amount to approximately 8 – 11 million) not registered to any official reason of stay will be granted authentic stature and ultimately the citizenship of the nation. According to the House, the passage of bill will solve most of the border-crosses in high traffic areas (by adding border patrol agents), within a limited time of 5 years. Also, it will address the youth unemployment prevalent there, by executing a hefty $1.5 billion program in the immigrants’ favor. Only a small portion of the bill deals with the legalization of visa application for us, the rest of the bill focuses on the provisions previously mentioned.

The important aspects of the US visa application are:

    • Ensuring stronger security and law enforcement in the border regions.
    • Providing visa opportunities for the low-skilled immigrants.
    • Providing jobs to low-income and minimally skilled youth of the US.
    • Cutting the quota limits of per country green card; which would clear the backlog, for the wait time of some applicants who are highly skilled and can contribute to the economy but tend to withdraw, is in decades.
    • Introduction of a new “blue card” reaching out to agricultural workers.
    • Imposing restricted activities of the companies misusing the program.
    • Allocation of 25,000 fresh visas to foreign students seeking in further education provided they have at least a Master’s degree, in technology, sciences, engineering, etc. .


  • US visa application opportunities for prospective foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the US and start companies easily.


The following is a short overview as to how the undocumented immigrants will have to proceed in the process. First of all, the pathway to citizenship is for those who have resided in the U.S. before December 31, 2011. The undocumented immigrants will initially be required to apply for a newly created Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status (this will include all fines, fees, outstanding taxes (if any), checking background and checking criminal records). Once the Registered Provisional Immigrant status is received, they will be able to apply for legal permanent resident status. Utmost care will be taken to avoid loopholes in case where criminal records are checked; for, some may tamper the records to gain citizenship by US visa application.


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