Planning a trip to Singapore and Canada ? Learn how to apply for visa applications for Singapore and Canada

Why is Visa needed? Why is it important?

A Visa provides significance to both the host nation and the visitor. According to the Worldwide Business Administration’s Office of Journey and Journey and leisure, over 2.7 thousand U.S. people visited worldwide in Jan 2010. But without a charge, most of these tourists would have never made it to their location. Most countries will not allow a U.S. resident to combine its boundaries without authorization to get into.

No matter how much we try convincing, the authorities would never allow anyone to trespass into another country without Visa, the reason being the safety concerns as well. Terrorism, robbery, hijacks etc are nothing new and Visa just helps to have a note of who exactly are moving through the boundaries of the nations.

How to apply for Visa for Singapore?

Whatever be the reason, a Visa is a must while you plan out something at Singapore. There are a certain steps that you must follow for Visa for Singapore. There’s a list of documents that is available on the official site of the Government that gives the entire requirements of documents, fee, photographs and everything. Here’s the summary of what you need to do-

  1. Apply on the internet and complete the form.
  2. Make the internet payment.
  3. All the important records will be grabbed and suppressed.
  4. Get your Visa for Singapore in just 5 business days.

Due to the internet that has taken over everything in the present era, it has become quite a catch for everyone to make payments online, buy things online, and now- the government documentation too is done online!

What are the types of Visa for Canada?

Canada is more of a tourist place than a permanent residential one. Hence, there are certain types of Canada Visa application that have come up under the government rules.

Electronic travel authorization- This type is basically for people who enter Canada by air. Not residential, this type is more precisely for a visit or a tour etc.

Visitor Visa – Canada Visa application was made very much easier when the internet got hold of all the procedures that needed to be done to gain a Visa as a tourist or a traveler to the place. As the name suggests, this one’s only for the tourists for a specified period, after showing their return ticket. The return ticket is the confirmation that they will be coming back to their native country after the time of the tour elapses. Staying more than the mentioned time just causes police cases to be recorded on the person.


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