Some useful points that should be kept in mind before applying for Visa for Singapore and Canada

Singapore is now becoming a prominent business and commercial place in Southeast Asia because of its tourism friendly immigration policies. It is always a great idea to go in the foreign country and begin a new journey. To visit any country the visitor must go through an immigration process where they approve the visa.

To get a visa for Singapore some documents needed, a visitor must have a valid passport and some amount of funds to buy onward/return ticket and visas. In the passport, the number of day’s visitor can stay and the arrival day is written properly. Those are coming in Singapore for a the visit can’t set up any kind of business or any occupation in Singapore, overstaying can become a punishable offence.

Here are the few work names and their requirement for visa:-

Entrepreneur visa: -This pass is valid for those who wanted to set up a new business in Singapore, the Singapore government gave 1-year validation or the visa holder can apply for the permanent residence in Singapore.

Employment visa: – This permit is basically is, the owners of the company or the employees who are working in the Singapore company and have a monthly salary more than SDG $3000. Further the holder must have reputed university degree and the visa is valid for 1-2 years .It can be renewed further, according to their current employment detail or a holder can apply for permanent residence in Singapore.

Personalized employment visa: -This pass is issued for a professional who wants to work in Singapore they get validation of 3 years but this visa for Singapore not renewable.

Miscellaneous work visa: – This pass is for the foreigner’s workers in Singapore who want to do seminars or any workshop on a short -term; here holders can’t apply for a permanent residence.

Education visa: – those students who want to study in Singapore for further education must have equivalent grades. Those who are willing to work in Singapore companies after studies, they should submit their educational proof, photograph & financial support.

And now for the Canada visa application, basically in Canada immigration policies are distinguished between two categories temporary and permanent immigration. In temporary category a visitor can fill an application for visiting visa, working permit visa and educational visa. Although in permanent immigration visa, the caretaker can come to live with their spouse. For getting the permanent visa the applicant has to go through immigration authorities to check whether the applicant is eligible for the visa. The applicant is required to undergo a medical examination for good health and must not have any criminal record in order to complete the Canada visa application process.


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